Chance would be a fine thing…

…It’s a saying that a lot of people use. ‘Chance would be a fine thing’. It’s normally said when someone needs to get something done, either for their own sake or for the sake of a friend. Have you sorted your tax out? ‘Oh chance would be a fine thing…’. Did you go to the doctors? ‘Chance would be a fine thing…’ Did you ask that girl out? You see where this is going. 

See the problem I have with that saying is the way it makes chance out to be something completely out of the persons control. Yes, there are ‘chance’ encounters which you can’t plan for, and yes, some people can give you a ‘chance’ to do something. But in most instances, it is down to you to MAKE YOUR OWN CHANCES. You can’t always wait around for someone to throw something in to your lap. You can’t always just wait for a chance encounter to happen. Other people might discount you, but whatever happens, you have to give YOURSELF a chance. Even when nobody else will. Create your own chances, give yourself a chance, and most importantly, if you make a chance, TAKE that chance. Or someone else might. 

It’s good to be back Tumblr. 

Stay Safe

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